Windows 365 trademark

Windows 365 trademark filing could hint at incoming subscriptions | Electronista. It seems my hypothesis (Windows 10: New Beginning part 1) was right on the money. I’m surprised this has shocked some people in the tech world as Microsoft clearly stated that the free upgrade would only be for a year and Windows is one of their primary sources of income. Still a subscription service does show that Microsoft is continuing to embrace a new way of doing business. In reality a subscription service still benefits consumers as the expectation would be that any paying customers will get access to the next version of Windows with no extra charge. If this new model shares anything with Office 365 it may also mean that subscribers receive support for multiple machines and possibly an online windows to-go option. We will just have to wait and see for Microsoft to release more details but I don’t believe this is any cause for disappointment as Microsoft can not afford to loss Windows as a source of income without establishing a replacement model for the future, after all this it is a company in transition under their new CEO.

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A teacher, poet, novelist and causal tech guru I am always keen to share my thoughts. A firm believer in critical thinking I rarely rush a decision without any research and once made my mind is primed for a good debate.

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