Xbox One: First Impression

Being an early adaptor of both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 I might seem like a loss of confidence that I have only just got my hands on an Xbox One in the last month, but growing up does place other demands on both my time and wallet. So with the arrival of school holidays and some good budgeting I was finally able to pick up my new toy complete with 7 games and Kinect. Keen to jump straight in after the long wait I’m only now getting the chance to go through my first impressions.


Set up was easy and in no time I had downloaded all my apps, fixed up my profile and organised my home screen.  I was generally surprised at the list of Australian apps available including SBS on demand and 7 Plus however the absence of ABC iview and Foxtel are cause for disappointment.  Yet, for me research has always helped me stay level-headed as I was already aware of this short coming and knew that both developers had made commitments to change this in coming months. Besides connecting my 360 using the HDMI in socket was an easy solution since I don’t even have to switch source.

My only real gripe with the Xbox One is the requirement to install games on the hard drive rather than play them from the disk. Wanting nothing more than to give into nostalgia with the Master Chief Collection this expected delay was still frustrating. Unfortunately, no matter on your choice of new gen console this is a necessary evil as read speeds are too slow for the amount of data required by games. Considering this it would have been nice to have larger internal storage but with the price of 2TB external hard drives it is only an annoying inconvenience.

Finally, lets talk about Kinect which for many remains a take it or leave it extra. This especially true for hard-core gamers since voice commands require the 7th core of the processor and decreases what is available to game developers which has recently been changed. In addition space continues to limit the use of Kinect as someone with a console in their bedroom like me in my younger years will only ever get to use voice commands.

This all being said I love the “Xbox On” feature as it has quickly become second nature to use the command as I walk into the room knowing that I won’t even have to touch the TV remote. This is ideal if I’m only planning to watch Foxtel on the 360 as I can follow-up with “watch TV” and go straight to my old 360 remote without touching anything else. Unsurprisingly, Kinect still has problems with my accent which can quickly become frustrating. Yet, it is in apps like Xbox Fitness where Kinect really comes into its own as it tracks how accurately you are following the exercises and creates a score to motivate your competitive instincts. Until now my fiancé had only ever used the 360 to watch TV but has found this combination of features on the Xbox One an easy way to complete a 10 minute workout before work.

These are just some early thoughts so keep watching as I will be touching base soon on some of the other aspects of the Xbox One.



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A teacher, poet, novelist and causal tech guru I am always keen to share my thoughts. A firm believer in critical thinking I rarely rush a decision without any research and once made my mind is primed for a good debate.

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