The Imitation Game

Its been a while but I had to tell someone about this movie. Morten Tyldum’s  film The Imitation Game is by far the best film I’ve seen in the last year and has a good chance of taking out several awards this session, including picking up the golden globe or academy award for lead Benedict Cumberbatch. It tells the story of Alan Turing and his team at Bletchley Park as they try to break the German Enigma code during the second world war. The content of the film makes for engaging viewing as it depicts the inner workings of the British War machine and provides an insight into the role of the intelligence in victory over Nazi Germany.


However this is only the surface and Tyldum’s film tells the more personal story of Alan Turing. Blended with the central story of his work on the Enigma code is the more tragic events of the 1950’s and Turing’s experiences as a social awkward school boy learning to interact with others. These complementary narratives are effortless woven by the skill of Tyldum’s editing and the work of screenwriter Graham Moore to adapt the work of Turing’s biographer Andrew Hodges. It is the combination of these narratives which creates an emotional gripping film rather than the usual World War 2 heroics communally scene in cinemas.

Having become a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch after watching him in the BBC series ‘Sherlock’ I can’t say I was surprised by the quality of his performance. His portrayal of Turing demonstrates moves away from the fast and confident Sherlock Holmes to a more stumbling genus. The speed of his thinking remains as Turing often makes connections that the other members of his time can’t follow but the halted interaction between Cumberbatch and his support cast is importantly never overplayed. With a host of excellent performances from Keira Knightley who proves that she can act, Matthew Goode and Alan Lawther Cumberbatch doesn’t have to hold the film up on his own.

Overall The Imitation Game is a must see for anyone who is interested in World War 2 history or for need help understanding how to use multiple narratives. Even if this does not interest you it is worth seeing if only for Cumberbatch’s commanding performance.



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